Use With Custom Post Types

Pie Calendar can work with any default post type inside WordPress, or you can use a Custom Post Type (CPT).

In order for the Pie Calendar meta boxes to appear on your CPT, you need to ensure a few things are set up correctly.

CPT Settings

In the settings for your CPT, find the “Supports:” section and enable the following:

  • Editor
  • Custom Fields

Additionally, ensure “Show in Rest API” is enabled when using Gutenberg to edit posts.

In CPTUI, you can find the “Supports” section towards the bottom of the CPT settings. Refer to the screenshot on this page to see what you’re looking for.

Post types created with ACF and Meta Box should follow the same steps to enable Pie Calendar functionality.

If you've used Advanced Custom Fields Pro to create your Custom Post Type, you need to toggle the "Advanced Configuration" setting and then you'll see the "Supports" area. Enabled "Custom Fields" in there as described in this article.

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