Show Pie Cal Options Only on Specific Post Types

By default, you can add almost anything to your calendar using Pie Calendar.

There are many cases you might only want the options to appear on a specific list of post types.

Pro Version

Requires Pro version 1.2 or later.

As of Pie Calendar Pro version 1.2, there is now an interface to control which post types Pie Calendar's control appear on. You can find this in your WP admin interface under Settings > Pie Calendar.

Free Version

Requires free version 1.1.1 or later.

Using the code snippet below, you can add a comma separated list of post types to show Pie Calendar's controls on when using the free version.

add_filter('piecal_explicit_allowed_post_types', function( $array ) {

$array = [...$array, 'page','events'];

return $array;


The example above will show the Pie Calendar controls on the WP default "page" post type and a custom post type called "events".

Any post type not included in the snippet above will hide the Pie Calendar controls.

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