Adaptive Time Zones

Available as of Pro version 1.2.

Adaptive time zones are now the default behavior of Pie Calendar. This is noteworthy because prior to Pro version 1.2, time zones had no bearing on events displayed on your frontend calendar.

Now, visitors to your website will see events converted into their local time zone, relative to your WordPress time zone set under Settings > General.

Visitors will see what time zone was detected by Pie Calendar right below the frontend calendar.

As an example, if your website time zone is set to New York and you create an event at 9:30am, a visitor from America/Chicago will see the event start time as 8:30am.

This also accounts for daylight savings time.

If you're also using Add to Calendar links, the visitor will see the event in their calendar exactly as their detected time zone displays on your calendar.

To demonstrate, the local time zone detected for a user might be America/Chicago as we described before, while the website time zone is set to America/New York.

Pie Calendar has converted the start time of 9:30am America/New York to America/Chicago and passed the adjusted time of 8:30a, to Google Calendar, when the visitor uses Add to Calendar.

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