Pie Calendar is built with internationalization in mind. This means we've taken extra measures to ensure all strings should be translatable via a plugin such as Loco Translate.

If you find any strings that are not translatable, please let us know via

We don't include native translation files (.po files) with Pie Calendar, but plan to in the future.

Generated Translation Files

Below you'll find translation files we have generated using Loco Translate and Google Translate. Note that these are likely to be imperfect, so please check the results on the front-end.

To use a language file, simply download the .mo file and put it in wp-content/plugins/pie-calendar/languages. Note that you will need to re-add the .mo file after Pie Calendar updates until they're included natively.

Language Translated By .mo .po
French Google Translate Download .mo file Download .po file
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