How to Configure Recurring Events

The ability to create recurring events in Pie Calendar Pro is easy and flexible.

When you edit a post with Pie Calendar Pro installed, you'll see an additional meta box called Event Recurrence.

Note: If you're using classic editor, or adding a WooCommerce product or EDD download to your calendar, the meta boxes are at the bottom of your page.

Event Color

The Event Color selector allows you to configure the color of the dot next to the event on your calendar, or sets the background color on multi-day events. Text color simply sets the text color of the event title.

Recurring Event Settings

As of Pro v1.3, you can apply multiple recurrence rules per event, as well as blackout dates to your recurrence rules.

To set an event to repeat once per week, expand "Rule 1", then simply enter 1 in the "Interval" field and choose Weeks from the "Frequency" dropdown.

If you want an event to repeat every Tuesday and Thursday, you need two posts. One that recurs every 1 week on Tuesday, and 1 that recurs every 1 week on Thursday.

"Stops on" sets the date at which you want your recurring event to stop. This is optional.

Blackout Date / Exclude Dates

As of Pro version 1.3, you can now apply blackout dates to exclude specific dates or a range of dates from your recurrence rule.

Since you have the ability to add as many rules to a recurring event as you'd like, you can therefore create a rule that blocks out the entire month of December, and an additional rule that blocks out Easter Sunday, for example.

Same Position

If you want your event to repeat on the first Saturday of every month, you can do that by setting your event date to the first Saturday your event should appear, for example July 1st, 2023.

Then, scroll down to the Event Recurrence area and set the Interval to 1 and frequency to Monthly.

You'll see the "Same Weekday & Position" toggle appear. Turn that on.

This means that your event will appear on the first Saturday of every month. In this example, you can see the "Stops On" date is in January 2024, which means my event will repeat every first Saturday through December 2023.

As you can see, the recurring event options available in Pie Calendar Pro give you a lot of flexibility to create events that repeat in the way you need them to.

Pro owners receive premium support, so if you have any questions please feel free to email us.

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