Shortcode Options [Pro Only]

This feature is available in Pro version 1.1.0 and later.

taxonomy: Add a tax_query to the event query by designating a taxonomy slug.

[piecal taxonomy="category"]

terms: Used in conjunction with 'taxonomy' attribute to designate which terms to filter events by. Comma separated if multiple are designated.

[piecal taxonomy="category" terms="one, two"]

operator: Choose an operator to use in the tax_query. Available options are 'IN’, ‘NOT IN’, ‘AND’, ‘EXISTS’ and ‘NOT EXISTS’. Default value is ‘IN’

[piecal taxonomy="category" terms="one, two" operator="IN"]


Video demonstration:

Show all posts that have any category.

[piecal taxonomy="category" terms="" operator="EXISTS"]

Show only posts that are in the Concerts category.

[piecal taxonomy"category" terms="Concerts"]

Show all posts except those that are in the Outdoors category.

[piecal taxonomy"category" terms="Outdoors" operator="NOT IN"]

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